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Tip 5: Bass & Trebel Levels
Every factory and after market radio has Bass & Trebel settings. Some of the more advanced receivers will even have Mid range or equalizer settings. Poor settings can make even the best system, sound like trash. Start at the center location and work forward to boost these frequency ranges, but do not make the mistake of running them at their maximum setting. When using a maxed out setting, it can over drive the amplifiers and create distortion in the upper volume levels, thus damaging your speakers. Find a comfortable range, and protect your speakers from distortion.

Tip 6: Properly Adjust Your Amplifier
Most people think the gain control on their amplifier is the volume level, but it is actually to adjust the proper amount of input signal coming into the amplifier. Crank it too high, you'll produce distortion. The general rule is to set the tone controls on your radio to the center, turn your receiver's volume control roughly 3/4 of the way up to maximum volume, then turn up your amp gain until you hear distortion. Back it off a little, and you're all set. Every amp manufacturer will have specific suggestions, so always follow their reccommendations.
Tip 7: Use A Sound Deadener
Sound deadening does two things to make your audio system sound better. First, the thin metal door on your car makes for a less than optimal home for your speakers, it vibrates, and buzzes as you drive and your speaker plays. Using a deadener on these areas will stop those panels from resonating, and improve the speakers accuracy. Secondly, a deadner will help eliminate sound degrigation from vehicle road noise, and keep the interior of you vehicle more quiet. This will effectively improve you systems volume levels, as well as its sound quality.
Tip 8: Use A Crossover
Crossovers are like a traffic cop, directing frequencies to the appropriate speaker. A crossover will filtert the correct range of frequencies to the proper speaker, thus protecting them from unwanted frequency ranges. For example, you would not want a tweeter that works in the high frequency range playing low frequencies that your subwoofer would normally handle. Additionally, using a crossover will keep your speakers playing clearly, and sharply.
Tip 9: Connect Properly
If your decide to install your equipment, be sure to properly install each connector. Poorly installed cabling or connectors, can fall victim to vibration, corrosion, and a whole host of other issues. Overlooking the proper installation of these items will create intermittant audio issues, poor sound quality, and possibly even create a fire. If you are unsure how to install your equipment, we recommend using a professional.
Tip 10: Use High Quality Music Files
You can have the best audio system on the planet, but if the music you are playing are of poor quality, your system will sound poor as well. This is a mistake often made by those who download music from the internet. When selecting music to listen to or demo, use a professionally recorded track on a CD or some other type of media, or be sure that the files you choosing to downloading/burning are of good quality and clarity. The higher the quality, the more your ears will thank you.

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