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Automotive manufactures often consider car audio to be the last design element of a vehicles interior. Poor placement, cheap compenents, etc. plague new vehicles. Now given that car audio is not plug and play, we decided to give you a few tips to help you along the way when improving your vehicles sound system. There are no real hard and fast rules in car audio when it comes to picking equipment, or making modifications. A lot of the decisions made are by personal choice, budgets, etc. This tip guide was created to help give you a map for improving your vehicles audio, and bansishing those cheap OE components to the audio abiss. Enjoy.

Tip 1: Replace Your Speakers
While audio systems have improved in the last several years, car manufacturers continue to use cheap components during assembly. By replacing your vehicles speakers you will achieve tighter bass, clearer mid range, and brighter higher frequencies. Cymbil crashes, artists voices, mid bass drum beats will be more pleasing to you ears. While it is tempting to choose the cheapest speakers available, it is our recommendation that you chose a higher end speaker when selecting replacement speakers, as these drivers will be handling the majority of the frequencies you be hearing. Spend a little now, and enjoy them for a long time to come.
Tip 2: Add An Amplifier
"My factory stereo is 200 watts, and that's plenty of power." However there is no comparison to the 200 watt peak power rating on your OE system, vs. the rated 200 watt RMS power of an amplifier. There is peak power and RMS power, and the two differ widely. A 200 watt (50x4) receiver will commonly yeild only 20 to 25 watts of RMS power per channel, rather than the boasted 50 Peak, thus yeilding 1/2 the power or less. A separate amplifier will provide more clean power than any car stereo, and that will make a night-and-day difference in sound quality. Your system will sound better, and you will be more happy in the end. An amplifier is essential to getting great sound in your car.
Tip 3: Add A Subwoofer
A subwoofer will create those lower frequencies often missing in todays audio systems, and fill in that low end sound gap. We've all heard the booming car stereo in the guys car at the stop light, and this is not what I am speaking about. Those are subs as well, and are in a very high powered set up. The average car owner can benefit from a subwoofer, wether they are going all out and gutting their entire audio system, or just adding a sub to the factory system already in their vehicle. I never get tired of those "WOW" moments when a person can hear the difference a subwoofer can make in their vehile. There are many options avaiable ranging from loaded enclosures including their own amplifiers to custom built options. Here at db, we believe everyone should have a subwoofer and that it is the single most important addition to improve your audio system.
Tip 4: Use Quality Cables
Electricity is like running water. The smaller the pipe the less the water and this is why you don't want to use cheap, undersized power cable to get power to your amplifiers. Additionally sound quality suffers, and could create an electrical hazzard in your vehicle. Good power cable allows current to flow freely so your amp gets the juice it needs during peak demand. High quality cables promotes good signal flow and you will hear more detailed and stronger sound. Many people skimp in this area, and they system often will exploit this mistake. Don't fall into this trap, or your system could suffer as well.

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