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Conversion Factors

- cu in / 1728 =   Cubic feet
- cu ft x 1728 = Cubic inches
- cu ft x 28320   = Cubic centimeters
- cm x 0.394 = Inches
- in x 2.540 = Centimeters
- ft x 30.48 = Centimeters
- ft x .3048 = Meters
- m x 3.281 = Feet
Test Tones
30Hz Test Tone
50Hz Test Tone
5-100Hz Sweep
100Hz to 10hz Tone (10hz Steps)
THX 20th Century Fox Fanfare
THX Surround Sound Test
These tones could potentially damage components. Please
use them at safe volume levels to evaluate your system.
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Audio Definitions
10 Audio Tips
Amp Installation Tips
Enclosure Building tips
The Decibel
More Tips On The Way
Wire Gauge Guide
Click To Enlarge The image to the left is a wire gauge chart to help you select the proper gauge wire for the length of cable vs. current draw.
*Example: If your total current draw is 60 amps, and the cable run is 16ft, use 4ga cable.
Speaker Capacitor Selection Guide
(Blocking Low Frequencies For Smaller Speakers)
199 mfd 400 hz 200 hz 100 hz
99 mfd 800 hz 400 hz 200 hz
47 mfd 1700 hz 850 hz 425 hz
33 mfd 2400 hz 1200 hz 600 hz
13 mfd 6000 hz 3000 hz 1500 hz
9.9 mfd 8000 hz 4000 hz 2000 hz
6.6 mfd 12000 hz 6000 hz 3000 hz
3.3 mfd 24000 hz 12000 hz 6000 hz
* Use this guide to select the proper capacitor rating for the frequency and ohm rating uesd. These ratings are to be used with 100 watts or less, and will yeild a 6db cut off slope.


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