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Amplifier Installation Tips
An amplifier's performance is only as good as its installation. Proper installation will maximize your system's performance. It is recommended that you have our product installed by a skilled technician. However, if you decide to install it yourself, please follow these safety tips and take your time to perform a quality installation:

1 • Be sure to fuse the power wire within 12" of the car's battery. This will protect the car's battery in case of a short circuit between the power amplifier and battery.THIS IS A MUST, the amplifier's built-in fuse will only protect the power amplifier not the car's battery and electrical system.

2 • Use high quality wire connectors. Use Proper power wire size for maximum current transfer and safety. Improper size power and ground wire can reduce the amplifiers power and poses a risk of to the vehicles electrical system. Please follow the recommended sizing on our cable size chart to ensure safety.

3 • To ensure maximum power transfer and secure safe connections, it is recommended to use high quality barrier spades (for connection at amplifier) and terminal rings (for connection at battery).

4 • Do not run any wires underneath or outside of the vehicle. Exposed wires can be cut or damaged. It is best to run all wires through the vehicle under the carpet and/or side panels. This creates a cleaner installation and less risk of damage.

5 • Use caution when mounting the amplifier; many electrical wires, fuel lines, brake lines, etc are hidden in the automobile. Make sure you know what is behind the location you have chosen to mount the amplifier, in order to eliminate damage to the vehicle.

6 • To avoid possibility of induced noise from the car's electrical system (i.e. popping noises or engine noise), Keep signal wires (Speaker or RCA) away from any electrical wires. Typically the opposite side of your vehicle from the amplifier power cables.

7 • In order to reduce the chance of ground loops (i.e. engine noise); make the grounding wire as short as possible to reduce the wire's resistance. Also, when using multiple components, make sure all units are grounded at the same point.

8 • Avoid sharp edges when running wire. During installation, watch for welding burs in channels throughout the car, as this can damage your wiring. Use a grommet to protect the wire when running through the firewall.


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